About Us

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Amtek Engineering is a building operations and maintenance company that offers its clients mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, as well as on-site staffing to keep a property running. We serve both residential and commercial properties throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

At Amtek, we appreciate that each property must be run like a business with the professional attention it deserves. Our engineering staff has decades of operational and maintenance experience to ensure that every property is handled in a professional manner. We work from day one as your property’s internal operations and maintenance team.

Here are some kudos Amtek has received from our customers:

  • Fredy Giron: Site Manager at Atlas Condominiums
    “Hard worker, always asking if there’s anything else he can do, gets along with everyone and is a breath of fresh air. He’s a wonderful asset and a nice person!”
  • Colin Inscoe: On-Site Manager at The Garfield Condominiums
    “On-Site Manager was really impressed with Mr. Inscoe. He was very well versed in what he needed to do and knew exactly the type of materials he needed to order.”
  • Quentin Zecher: Site Manager at Yale Steam Laundry Condominium
    “He is awesome! He is not only very capable but has a wonderful disposition. A real joy to work with. I have had to call Quentin a couple of times after he left the building, his response is always ‘glad to be of service.’ Whatever is asked of him, he does well and right away.”